Tying a Swimming Baetis

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I decided to make a video about how I tie a Swimming Baetis nymph. To make this fly is not complicated at all but some friends asked for it so here are the steps.

Materials used are simple as possible: the body can be made of yellow thread or of any color in order to match your local insects color. I prefer to use the synthetic nymph skin for body because is durable, easy to use and provides a better ribbing and more “natural” than a simple dark thread ( frankly this is the reason why I designed and produced this material ). A sparkle mixed dubbing with natural dubbing is used to imitate the emerging nymph. For wing I used the tip from white cdc because small air bubbles adhere to it and provide a nice life like appearance.


  • Hook: Daiichi 1190 BL #16
  • Thread: yellow thread
  • Body: Troutline Nymph Skin – Small
  • Tail: Coq de Leon Pardo Thorax:
  • Troutline Thorax Dubbing – light
  • Weight: tungsten wire
  • Micro Wings: CDC white ( to catch air bubbles from water)

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