Argentinian Hare Bug -Olive Gray

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Hook: Demmon N500 #12

Thread: Veevus GSP

Ribbing: Veevus Fluo Orange Thread

Tail: Coq de Leon Pardo Medio

Body: Argentinian Dubbing : AH1, AH2 and AH8 combined

Tungsten: Black

The fly is super simple, you can make it in different color combinations. I personally find the olive, yellow and gray combination very efficient on waters from Poland , Italy and Slovenia. Maybe because is not a solid color and in this mix trout finds the local shades.

The fly should be big and spiky, I make it in size #10 and 12 and rarely in #14 and I fish it in high waters and in strong currents behind big rocks. Trout seems to love it 🙂

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