New Olive Heavy Scud -by Jan Rozman

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This is a fly which needs a lot of tying operations: to cast the lead on the hook shank, then to inspect the scud shape. Then needs to be colored with porcelain special colors. Cooking in oven to obtain the basic undercolor body. Then applying the final color and cooking again to obtain de deep finish. Fixing the legs and another resin coat layer. The fly is ready after hours of work and waiting between steps.

Very similar with French ceramic flies but more complicated and more time consuming by far.


Hook: Hanak scud shape hook in size #14 and #16

Body: lead

Colors: white, olive and dark olive

Coating: Troutline classic resin

Legs: Ostrich barbs

Ribbing: tungsten wire or copper wire

Jan Rozman, the creator is a careful tier which is known in Slovenia for his big trout catch on these nymphs. He is a fantastic fishing companion , funny guys who knows lots of jokes and is very competitive too ( from the fishing point of fiew)

I personally prefer to buy his flies instead of making them because he has the experience based on weeks of tying and test during fishing 🙂

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