6 Dry Flies for Autumn Grayling Fishing

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For beginners in fly fishing,  the trout season is almost closed everywhere and for this reason we recommend  6 dry flies for Autumn Grayling fishing. These flies is what we used almost on all waters. They are skinny, a kind of anorexic type of flies because the water level of the rivers  is low and very clear. The fish are careful with what they eat and small insects are all over. It is normal that grayling is very selective in what eats.

So here are the flies:

Quill Emerger:
*can be tied with body in different colors to match the local insects. The biggest size should be on #16 but size #18 and #20 should work better.

Hot Spotted Emerger:
*it is very simple fly and works excellent on slow running rivers. Size #20 is the most effective!

Skinny Blue Dun CDC:
*it is a small dun variant that works all day long from end of August till late in Winter.

Skinny Olive Dun CDC:
*it is aversion of Skinny Blue Dun and it imitates the micro dun insects from Autumn and Winter time.

Black F Fly:
*it is a perfect all around fly. Usually I start using this fly and I combined with a Skinny Dun CDC fly when the fish stop eating it.

Quill Dun CDC Fly:
*I use is on size #16 and #18 on medium flowing rivers. Seems to work excellent early in morning or late in the day.

Personally I use these flies starting from end of August in Slovenia, Poland, Austria and Lapland. They never failed me and I really love to use them 🙂

  • Derek Brown
    September 17, 2018

    Cheers Lucian,

    Any recommendations for fishing in October, Nov. and December? Seems like there are not many places as many close 31.09.2018. Currently in Switzerland and was hoping there may be something within a few hours. I know Slovenia has many rivers open until the end of October, then Hucho Hucho starts in December, but other than that, I do not know of many.

    Tight lines,


    • Lucian Vasies
      September 19, 2018

      Hi Derek,
      I will choose river San and Dunajec in Poland. But close to you can be Bosnia and Montenegro and of course Slovenia with Soca and Sava. Soca in Tolmin area and Sava in Bled. If you are interested in Hucho then go in Bled at Matej ( the owner of the Fauna Bled shop and he can provide you a lot of info and even guiding )

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