5 Nymphs that catch trout all the time

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Here are my 5 Nymphs that catch trout all the time.
I use these flies for more than 3 years and I’m more than pleased 🙂 I tested them on different rivers from Europe together with my friends. All of them reported great catch and great moments, lots of trout and grayling
The combination of colors and materials used are the reasons why these nymphs are irresistible to fish. I met guys who asked why these flies are so fantastic?, here are my points:
-simplicity is the first key
-movement the second key
-the sinking rate- the last key

Simplicity will help to keep the fly constant, easy to be tied and consistent. Less materials means less errors.
Movement is a must if we talk about educated fish. CDC will move anytime, even in lakes and pools with no currents. CDC is translucent , gives a great hollow and is no water resistant.
Sinking rate is super high, almost like at the perdigon nymphs. For example if the fly will not sink super fast then it will not stays in feeding area as much as possible. The nymph will not be super efficient.

If you analyse the profile of these flies will understand my points:)


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