Zonker strips – which do you like more?

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I’m working to select the range of furs for zonkers. I personally use natural cream, natural grey, black, white and white barred from squirrel, weasel, muskrat and from rabbit. But are guys who are interested in all kind of colors. I want to start the dyeing process after we will get the skins from our suppliers.

I want to prepare the dyeing and cutting process after we receive the skins in our store. They will arrive from tanning shop after a complicated and long tanning process. I don’t see the point of dyeing in very varied colors that may never be used. So your opinion will be a real help 🙂

Thank you!

  • Stefan
    October 5, 2022

    I use also Rabbit in pink and purple. Mostly for seatrout. If they are not barred i use a marker 🙂
    All other colours you mentioned in the text are great too.
    Tight lines Stefan

  • Christian
    October 6, 2022

    Squirrel, natural grey

  • Marco Marson
    October 7, 2022

    Hello Lucien! I think that black, brown, olive and something like golden olive/brown olive are the best choices to imitate sculpin patterns, also combined in the same pattern… white and grey are also great colours for small fry patterns… and probably the best is rabbit/muskrat for small patterns and raccoon for big patterns… i would let weaseals and squirrels free in their woods 😉
    Marco M.

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