Yellow Iris Spider

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It is a simple fly tied respecting the classic English way of tying spiders. I like standard and short shank hooks for this fly, I found more nicer for such flies. Of course is a matter of taste, I do not noticed differences in how fish takes same flies tied with short or long bodies.

One note: the fly is made with teal duck feathers wich I found lately to be nicer and more better than partridge. These feathers in small and medium sizes can be used more easy when you fix on the hook shank to form the collar. The barred gray/black looks more evident compared with partridge feathers. The final collar looks incredible.


  • Hook: Barbless #12
  • Thread: Black
  • Body: Veevus Iris Yellow Body Thread
  • Ribbing: Brown Wire 0.14mm
  • Thorax, very small qty of yellow/olive dubbing
  • Hackle: Teal Duck feather dyed ginger

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