Wooden CDC Fly Tying Tool – How to use it

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This wooden tool is made for those who love to work with CDC flies. It will help tying flies much easy and faster. It is a piece of noble wood carefully hand crafted with channels in different sizes dedicated for small, medium and large CDC feathers.
So lets start tying a CDC sedge:
Select a few CDC feathers ( I prefer to use Tobacco or natural beige color for this model of CDC sedge )

I insert them in a channel:

I grip them with my tying tool from Vosseler:

I cut the stems:

I fix in a dubbing loop the CDC barbs:

I twist them and I arrange to stay on the one side of the thread:

Then I wrap them on the hook shank and I will obtain a fluffy body almost ready to be trimmed:

For the sake of the tying art I add a few mallard barbs as antennae:

One tip: just fix more than two because at the end you can trim those who are not looking nice.
After that I start trimming the CDC to obtain a sedge shape:

And here is the fly:

It is simple to tie, and if you have the proper tools and the best material is a pleasure to spend time in front of your vice 🙂
Happy tying!

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