Video -Tying a super floating CDC – The Fork Caddis

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This fly is in my top 5 list when I have to choose a floating caddis fly. I use this model from 2010, means 8 years ago. It is simple to tie and efficient. What is great at this fly:

  • can be fished on slow running water, medium water and strong currents without being afraid that will sink easly
  • can be fished as a swimming caddis
  • CDC will pulse and work even if the fly will stay unmoved – the water tension will make the fly to look like something alive
  • the Krystal flash from tail works as a stimulator , eggs or something that attract the fish. I used the same fly with and without Krystal flash in tail. The  number of fish  at the end of the day was in the favor of the Krystal Flash. Attention, not more than 2 strands,  I tried with 3-4-5pcs but  seemed to be too much. So 2 is the best option

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