Video – Tying a Green Tag Squirrel Jig Nymph

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This nymph model is a fly tied for those who love to fish with spiky-bushy type of flies. There are certain rivers where these type of flies are by far more efficient than those small tinny and slim flies. Usually these are big rivers with fast and super fast currents where fish eat consistent food. These kind of flies are working well in these situations.

Fishing observation: black or dark colored flies are better for deep and strong rivers. Also they are providing a better contrast in low light conditions.

Tying tip: lately I started to switch the flat tinsel with oval tinsel, wire or these new reinforced type of body threads like Oval Tinsels, French Tinsels, Diamond Threads, Iris Threads, Glitter Threads or Crystal Threads. I did that because are more durable and they do not slip over the fly body.


  • Hook: Hanak Jig 14
  • Thread: Sumo Power Thread 30DEN
  • Tail: TroutLine Hot Spot thread – green chartreuse
  • Body: Pure Squirrel Dubbing – black pepper – TroutLine
  • Thorax: Pure Squirrel Dubbing Plus -code color #8
  • Hackle: Grey partridge in dubbing loop
  • Ribbing: Crystal Body Thread.

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