Video-Tying a Green Diamond Perdigon -the perfect nymph for beginners!

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This type of micro nymph suits for fishing in rivers where is full of brown and green algae. The fly mimic very well the environment colors but is sparkly enough to make the fish interested in tasting it. It is an excellent pattern for fishing in fast flowing waters or using French style of fishing called “La pêche en nymphe à vue”

Here is the material list:

  • -Hook: #18 Demmon STS 820 BL
  • -Tail: Coq de Leon pardo
  • -Thread: Sumo 50DEN
  • -Body: Diamond Body Thread A12
  • -Hot Spot: Hot Orange
  • -Coating: Ultra Thin UV Resin
  • -Bead: tungsten 3mm

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