UV Perdigon Resin – the best resin for delicate and durable flies

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Troutline came with a new UV resin called UV Perdigon Resin that seems to work the best for perdigon nymphs. What I find exciting  is how easy is to work with this  resin.  this resin the resin provide a low profile, not a bulky one because is very thin, has a fast and deep penetration in materials and do not trap air bubble.
Here are the Perdigon resin properties:

  • super thin
  • easy to spread over the body of the fly
  •  high penetration coefficient
  • cure tack free, fast and transparent like glass
  • provide a thin layer which is extremely durable
  • cures without heating the material unter it,  means do not destroy or alternate the body of the fly
  • cures in a large spectrum of UV light, means any kind of UV light source will cure the resin
  • it cures with laser pen, UV diode torch or any cheap light, no needed an expensive one!
  • cures with low powered light but the curing time is longer compared with high power torch
  • delivered in transparent and colored versions
  • delivered with brush for easy application over large bodies ( also a dropper is delivered with an extra cap)
  • delivered in bottles of 10ml

Frankly I worked for more than 3 months with 2 specialists in chemistry and physics to arrive at this recipe. A tiny drop of UV Perdigon Resin will cover the same sized body like a drop 4 time bigger from Classic UV Perdigon, Solarez Resin or other brands. Means more flies in the end!

Another aspect that I looked for was  how easy and how fast  the resin can cover for example the body of a perdigon.. With a classic resin you have to pay attention and with a needle to carefully apply and spread the resin.   Touching  the resin too many time will add air bubbles and a bulky look.  Too much time spent and not the best result. Using a thinner or a supper thinner resin these problems will be avoided.

One day I tried to make a few “French Ceramic Nymphs”, I was thinking to find a way to avoid spending time with “baking” these nymphs and loosing so much time to finish them. I had the inspiration to replace the ceramic coating with colored perdigon resin and I made the flies bellow:

I was super happy, I founded a new application for this resin :). With the classic type was difficult because I tie these flies in size #16 down to #24. The Classic UV Resin from any brand that I tested was too thick to make these flies slim enough. With the new resin type I was able to make a “Ceramic” nymph in 5-6min!

In shop you can find UV Perdigon Resin Colored and UV Perdigon Resin clear. Are available sets with resin and laser pen too

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