Playing with Colored UV Resin

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I start playing with colored uv resin to develop new models and to increase the durability of my flies. I’m quite a lazy tier and I don’t like to tie more than 10 flies in the same size from the same pattern. When I’m out in north Lapland I have to stay at least one hour/day to make some flies for me and for my friends. There, the fish are super fighters and a classic fly will not last… Fish teeth destroys everything and a nymph will be disintegrated. When I have to fish with small nymphs I prefer to use models coated with UV resin because these flies will last more.
Another aspect that I love is the translucence of the bodies coated with resin. They look very close with the real insects bodies

So here I tied a few. For example one is tied with pearl underbody to provide a sparkle effect and others are tied with simple white thread and colored resin. Looks really interesting and these new flies will be tested in Slovenia in a few weeks 🙂

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