Troutline Nymph Skin-a new synthetic material

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The Troutline nymph skin is a new synthetic material which is made of very thin foil with a ultra high definition printed pattern. The foil is special printed on this transparent material to imitate in a realistic way the insect bodies segmentations.

The nymph skin is cut into a tapered shape to allow any fly tier to adjust the segmentation according to the size of the hook and the shape of the artificial fly.

The material is cut with a special advanced plotter ingeniously, to have a trapezoidal shape. A part of the foil is slightly sticky to prevent slipping during tying time. This means that any wrap stays in place no matter what material is under it. It will not slip, which means great comfort for beginners.

This synthetic skin can be used as it is or a varnish can be applied for extra protection and resistance.

Another great help for tiers is provided by this material when perdigon nymphs are made. You only need to make the underbody and then you can wrap the nymph skin over it. You will get a nice and smooth ribbed body. For example I know guys who are maniacs and making nice ribbed bodies. They loose a lot of time doing that and are frustrated if the results are not perfect. With Troutline Nymph skin this problem is resolved!

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