Tobacco CDC&Squirrel Sedge

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Something  that I used almost  each day in 2 weeks of fishing  this Summer in Lapland.

  • Hook: Maruto D23 BL #12-18
  • Thread: Black
  • Body: Tobacco CDC – from Troutline
  • Wing: 2 CDC feathers in natural grey or natural black
  • Thorax &Legs: squirrel guard hair fibers in dubbing loop

Tying is simple, just use a feather or 2 in tobacco to make the body. If some barbs are free do not bother to catch on the hook shank. Just let them free. Fix the 2 feathers for making the  wing and in dubbing loop add the guard hair from squirrel ( without underfur ). One simple trick which is also very important: when you make the fly head  just  keep the guard hair up to let the thorax as much as possible exposed. The fly should not look like a bullet, if will look like that will sink easy and will not skate on the water film.



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