The Netherlander Killer Perdigon

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In Spring orange works. This color is a great trigger, maybe because it is easy to be noticed or maybe because orange eggs are in water and trout and grayling eat them.
No matter which is the reason, if the orange color is added in a fly recipe, that fly will be catch much better.
The orange perdigon is avoided by many fishermen, like squirmy nymph but works damn good. We call it” The Netherlander Killer Perdigon” and here is the recipe:
Hook: Demmon DSD 110 #14-18
Thread: Uni Nylon white
Body: made of thread and coated with hot orange TroutLine UV resin
Body Coating: Perdigon UV resin clear
Tail: Coq de leon
Back: Black TroutLine UV resin
Bead: gold tungsten

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