Synthetic quill – easy and simple to use

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Synthetic quill is an alternative at different kind of natural quill . Peacock quill a material  very popular in tying is difficult to obtain in good quality, is limited at length, is delicate and not so easy to work with it.   Synthetic materials are more and more popular because are easy to find,  relatively cheap and very easy to work with them even by a beginner.

For example up is a mayfly tied with this  kind of material:

#14 hook
#yellow body thread
#synthetic quill transparent from Troutline
#jig off gold Tungsten bead
#orange tungsten bead in 2mm diameter

I tied also a buzzer with red colored synthetic quill:

The material is resistant at UV light, is thin, semi elastic and wraps very easy. So I will tie more mayflies for Spring now because I like how looks my medium and big nymphs for my favorite spots with trout from Slovenia and Poland 🙂

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