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Red Rusty Ant Fly

by Lucian Vasies

Materials used:

  • Demmon DGS 902 BL #14
  • Thread: brown- red-rusty
  • Body: made of tying thread
  • Coating: Troutline Perdigon resin – clear
  • Wing: CDC teal duck combined with Khaki – one feather of each color
  • Hackle: one turn of brown hackle ( a tip here is to take out the barbs from one side! )
  • Head made of thread coated with Troutline Perdigon Resin

Ant fly is effective because represents one of the main insects hunted by trout and grayling. The rusty red, brown or orange are the most common colors and can be used in entire season. Usually red-brown and rusty orange ants are all over from morning till late in the day. A realistic imitation seems to be more effective compared with a general pattern and based on that I prefer to tie these flies on curved hooks. Because the bodies are clear and shinny I prefer to use coated thread instead of dubbing. Ok, a coated body will not float very well but a drawing ant also do not float like a water insect. I often use these flies like wet flies so I do not bother if the fly sinks 🙂

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