Black Ant Fly

by Lucian Vasies

Materials used:

  • Demmon DGS 902 BL #14
  • Thread: black
  • Body: made of any kind of thread
  • Coating: Troutline Perdigon resin – clear
  • Wing: CDC teal duck combined with Khaki – one feather of each color
  • Hackle: one turn of brown hackle ( a tip here is to take out the barbs from one side! )
  • Head made of black thread coated with Troutline Perdigon Resin

In the last few years nymphs are very popular and lots of fishermen forgot the classic terrestrial flies and the classic old wet flies. Ants in different colors are very effective and work entire season. I consider them a “must” fly for any kind of river fishermen . Often these ants are outperform nymphs and dries and for this reason I highly recommend them. The black ant fly can be fished in a team with another ant or any kind of wet/dry fly.

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