Picric PT Dun -a small Autumn “mayfly”

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Autumn represent a great time to fish with dry flies and Picric PT Dun are among the best flies if we talk about ephemeridae. Why? Because these days the Sun is warm and not hot, the air humidity is constant and the water temperature is perfect for hatching. Small olives and midges are everywhere and grayling and trout eat these insects in frenzy.
Walking by the river you will see clouds of insects and water boiling almost all day long. It’s the perfect time for dry fly fishing! I discovered this fly at a good friend of mine from the Slovak Republic – Peter Durisik. The body is made of pheasant and ribbed with yellow thread and a small bunch of CDC. It was one of the most effective flies I used on San river in Poland, Dunajek and Vah in Slovakia.
I had to tie it several times on the river bank because I lost all of them during fights with fish (due to long and too thin tippet used) and being in a hurry I was not able to trim the CDC barbs ends and I let them on the sides. Surprisingly, I discovered a better balance and a better presentation of the fly. Floating was better due to all the CDC barbs buts/ends spreaded on the sides of the fly. From that moment I started to tie this fly in this way. I never regret that 🙂

I always like to test and modify something , just for my curiosity. If the results are good then I’m more than pleased and I share with my friends what I obtain.
So just give it a go for this model, probably you will like it, at least for me works really great!

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