12 Best Nymphs for Autumn grayling fishing

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We recommend our 12 best nymphs for Autumn grayling fishing. These flies are from our box and we used for many years on rivers from Poland like San and Dunajec, or from SLovenia like Sava and Soca, or rivers from Italy like Adda and tributaries.

Olive Nymphs works from middle of the Summer till late in Winter. But the best period of them is late in Autumn and in Winter. Small insects are hatching in this period and olive is a winner color. Tied on small hooks from #16 down to #20, these flies will catch well especially when outside is warm and sunny.

PT Nymphs are those variants of the classic pheasant tail but tied with beads and different synthetic materials to increase the “glare”. It seems that grayling is a curious fish and it takes flies just for fun. Sometime colorful flies works fantastic well compared with classic or realistic ones. Any of us have moments when a classic pattern or a realistic one is not efficient. Instead something tied with strong colors is deadly. So here are PT tied with hot orange, UV colors like blue and purple:

Stimulators and hot spotted nymphs work especially when is dark and cold outside. Fish are usually lethargic and will eat or will attack the fly only if is stimulated to do that. Blue, purple and pink combined with hot red in strong contrasts works really good:

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