Picric Partridge – great hackle for effective spiders

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Picric is used in fly tying for many years. Partridge dyed in Picric acid have a nice bright yellow-lemmon color. I use these kind of feathers on my wet flies and I really love how they look. No mention that trout and grayling love my flies tied with Picric. I do not know if are more effective then natural colored feathers but I had days when a fly tied with this hackle was more effective by far compared with one tied in natural.

Bellow is a photo with partridge grey hackle selected, washed, dyed with Picric Acid and air dried – ready to be packed.
How TroutLine prepare these feathers:
*First of all we pluck each feather one by one by hand from hunted birds.
*Then each feather is cleaned, by soft puff from stem.
*We carefully wash them with with soap and we inspect all of them to have no broken barbs.
*We sink the feathers overnight in Picric Acid, then they
are air dried, inspected second time and after that we pack them.
In this way we are sure that we provide the best Picrid Dyed Partridge feathers in world. We are proud of that because fly tying is our passion


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