Perdigon Nymphs by Dudu Sanz

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Dudu is a renowned Spanish fisherman and an exceptional fly tier, known for his incredible craftsmanship. His Perdigon nymphs are truly remarkable; I’ve never seen such high-quality and consistent flies. As a huge fan of his work, I greatly admire his tying skills. Honestly, I haven’t come across Perdigons as impressive as his.

I’m thrilled that he uses TroutLine products and finds them perfect for these kind of nymphs. Dudu has been a great adviser in helping me develop a range of materials specifically designed for these increasingly popular flies.

He is using Fasna hooks and Troutline threads and body materials together with Troutline UV resins ( the classic and ultra thin Perdigons )

I invite you to see them bellow .

Here is a nymph tied with multicolored tinsel and troutline perdigon nymph skin, the flies are photographed on all sides to see how well are is made, they have no mistakes, really perfect!

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