Olive GRHE Nymph Bug

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Tying Recipe and materials:

Hook: Demmon DGH 900 BL #10-#16
Thread: Uni 8/0 black
Body: Troutline Spike Dubbing – olive-grey color
Tail: Guard Hare fibers
Bead: tungsten in gold
Thorax: Squirrel hybrid dubbing in olive
Ribbing: Peter’s Ribbing quill

Fishing tips for Olive GRHE Nymph Bug:

*it is considered a “classic” nymph for starting the season
*it id perfect for fishing using any style of nymphing
*the nymph should be used in fast and medium flowing rivers
*we recommend to jig it and play it behind big rocks or in deep pools.
*the fly can be set on a top or on the dropper
*the fly can be combined with other classic nymphs
*works excellent for trout entire fishing season

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