Olive and Silver Nymph

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Olive is a color commonly found in various aquatic insects, making it a versatile choice for fly patterns. When a fly incorporates olives in its composition and has a general shape that mimics different types of insect bodies without being an exact replica, it becomes a reliable general pattern.

By adding elements that imitate moving legs, the fly’s effectiveness is further enhanced.

Similarly, the silver color plays a crucial role. It can imitate the reflections of water or the shimmering air bubbles that cling to an insect’s body.

In conclusion, if you’re seeking a fly pattern that performs well across different waters, incorporating olive and silver is the way to go. It offers versatility and efficiency in imitating a wide range of insects.

  • Demmon BL ST 320 #16
  • Olive body thread
  • Flat silver wire
  • Mallard belly – for hackle
  • Bead -silver tungsten

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