Black Killer Spider Nymph

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I really like these flies because you can play them among stones and structures in pools and river currents. I consider them much more effective because of the hackle. It pulsates very attractively when you play it like the soft lures used in lure fishing. I noticed that the fish react very well to the movement of the hackle, much better than compared to a simple nymph.

So here is a model that I used to make with silver wire ribbing, now I have replaced it with UV material. It works really good.


It is a fly that I use a lot for sight fishing or with Leisenring technique.

Tying tip:

To avoid unfolding the hackle during tying or even fishing (it usually happens after you have caught a fish or two), when building the fly, put a bit of dubbing in the chest area. You will ensure a good grip and a good stability of the hackle.

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