Nymphing Curved fly hooks – size carts

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These days is not difficult to find all type of fly hooks, you can find them in any fishing shop. As tiers I consider that we are blessed, we never had such abundance of materials 20 years ago. Now, in these days, you can find all kind of fly hooks in all sizes with all kind of shapes.

The only problem is that is no well known standard and producers do not have a clear size cart so that we can figure what we can buy online. If you do not well a certain brand is possible to receive something that was not like you expected.

Based on that I started to make photos of fly hooks on millimeter paper. In this way any beginner can understand better how a certain hook looks like.

I will complete this article in time, when I receive more models in different sizes ( is better if you visit the blog from time to time and check it to see what is new )

Because if I add all hooks I know and use in one article I will have a kilometer one, enough to get tired scrolling it. So I decided to broke it in different parts depending of shapes and type of flies.

In this one is about Curved Fly Hooks dedicated for nymphs and fresh water patterns:

Demmon G610 STG BL:

  • strong wire ( heavy wire )
  • strong curved
  • perfect for strong and heavy fish
  • perfect scud flies and caddis nymphs

Demmon G600 BL

  • light wire type of hook
  • medium curved
  • suits for swimming nymphs, light buzzers, buzzer emergers and caddis nymphs

Demmon DGH 903 BL

  • heavy wire type of hook
  • medium curved
  • suits well for nymphs and heavy buzzers

Demmon DGH 900 BL

  • strong wire
  • long and durable tip
  • super sharp
  • perfect for fishing big trout and grayling

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