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This is dry version of gold ribbed hare ear tied as sparse as possible with CDC wing


  • Hook: #14-16
  • Thread: yellow, white or black, depending of what you want to obtain as final body color of fly
  • ribbing flat tinsel in gold
  • long tail made of Coq de Leon
  • body made of mad rabbit dubbing or spiky dubbing in natural grey
  • thorax made of the same dubbing, I advice to be a little bit evident to help the CDC wing to stay up as possible
  • wing is made of Khaki Campbell CDC 2 feathers for size #14 and one for #16.
  • Important advice: Do not overdress it because will not catch . Use long and fine leaders size 0.12mm tip should be the thickness

The fly represent the searching version of march brown ephemera and tied in this way it works fantastic well in late Spring and entire Summer.

The rivers where this fly has excellent results are those with slow and medium running waters, calcareous stones and gravel on the bottom of river and green algae from spots to spots.

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