Niklas Dahlin – TroutLine Pro Team!

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I’m happy to announce that Niklas, which is a famous Swedish tier is a TroutLine Pro Team member! I know Niklas for many years and he is a fantastic fisherman very passionate in al dry fly fishing aspects. I really love this guy 🙂

Here are a few word about Niklas:

“My name is Niklas Dahlin. I am what you could call an odd fly tyer. Most of my fellow tyers started fly fishing in early years, starting tying later. Well I discovered the fly fishing through my fly tying, strange I know. Discovered fly tying by being on a sale at a fishing shop. Found a start kit on the sale shelf. Remembered that I once saw a fly tying vise at a friends place once, and as I was seeking something to do those calm nights when my children had went to bed I thought, well.. lets give it a go. I had also tried fishing with flies the past summer but with spinning rod and a floater, with success I might ad. After some trials and errors I was literary hooked. 
After a while I found myself being drawn to the more historical part of the fly tying. Have a great passion of tying traditional dry flies, like Catskill Style. Also like the North Country flies or as most call them Spiders. Love the part of studying the pattern, tie it and then use it. That makes me feel like going back in time in a way. When tying at fairs or demos I often tie these patterns close to my heart. Like to ”pass on” what I learnt over the years. That makes me feel like being a part of keeping the traditions alive.
Have been demonstrating fly tying in many parts of Europe, UK and also in the USA, one at New Jersey Somerset symposium but my peak was off course when tying at the Fly fishing museum in Roscoe, in the heart of the Catskills.
I´m from Sweden and when fishing I love go up north fishing for wild grayling and trout. Preferably with a classic dry fly or a North country fly at the end of my leader. Currently I moved to Thailand to see what that can bring to my portfolio of adventures. Looking forward to explore the mountain streams in the Chiang Mai mountains. 
Tight threads !”

And some of his beautiful flies:)

Goddard variant which work in Sweden extremely well!
Marry Dette Catskill fly
Niklas Quill Gordon version – for Jämtland rivers!

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