Light Olive CDC Dun – tied with goose biot

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When it comes to small and medium, delicate flies that float well, look great on the water, and are perfectly presented in front of the fish, nothing can match CDC flies.


  • Because CDC is elastic and doesn’t bend like rooster feathers or deer hairs. It easily washes off mucus and maintains perfect buoyancy.
  • The CDC is not damaged by the fish’s teeth, no matter how many fish are caught with the same fly.
  • CDC flies possess a natural elasticity unmatched by any other material, making them suitable for large flies to extremely small ones.
  • Moreover, they do not look bulky on the water and float like a cork.
  • Combining CDC with goose or turkey biot is truly deadly!


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  • David
    November 15, 2023

    Yes I like that

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