Kapok CDC Emerger

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If you love fishing with emergers, then you should tie this fly. The Kapok CDC Emerger is tied based on the classic Shuttlecock pattern, with the difference lying in the material used: kapok. Why kapok? Because it floats exceptionally well and traps air bubbles.

All fishermen know that emergers imitate insects with a part of their body submerged beneath the water’s surface film. To achieve that effect, thin wire was incorporated into the design. As a result, the fly will float on the water’s surface film, with its body underneath filled with air bubbles. This combination is incredibly appealing to trout and grayling.

Tying tips:

  • use all purpose tying wax to keep the body tight
  • use the thinnest thread you have
  • add a very small pinch of dubbing
  • do not cut the tip of feathers


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