Free Living Caddis Nymph – with orange hot spot

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Here is an effective Free Living Caddis nymph, tied to sink quickly and catch trout everywhere. There are plenty of versions in everyone’s boxes, but with this one, you can’t go wrong. This version is tied with hot spot in orange color and the thorax is made of mixed dubbing ( natural fur with synthetic fur)

The pimped version of free living caddis nymph 🙂

  • Hook: #12 caddis hook
  • Thread:- yellow Sumo Power Thread
  • Dubbing:-Belgian Rabbit Dubbing in light olive dun color
  • Ribbing-Gold tinsel
  • Thorax: – Squirrel Dubbing Plus color #01
  • Hot Spot: -hot orange thread
  • Weight: -3.5mm tungsten in black nickel

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