Flytying tips for beginners – be organised :)

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Hi guys, I received a few emails with requests from fishermen about tying tips , how to make easy, faster and better their flies. I never had in mind to do that because there are plenty of tying books. But anyway I decided to share from my experience about how I improved my tying experience.

First tip: – Don’t keep a big mess on your tying table like you see bellow:

If you do that you will end searching your materials in a big junk of things. CDC feather will fly away, hooks in different sizes and shapes mixed in a big messy stuff together with pieces of dubbing, tinsel and threads.

Second tip: Each time when you are in mood to tie a fly select the tools needed

In this way your tying table will stay clean and will not be overcrowded. For example I put my scissors, tensor and whip finisher on the right. Wax in front and dubbing on my left:

The blades used to cut delicate things are fixed on magnets on my pedestal. They are really dangerous and cut like hell! I prefer to know all the time where they are, otherwise I can cut myself badly.

Third tip: Add the materials needed, no extra materials because they will distract you during tying moments.

I set all the time the dubbing in the left, hooks and beads in right up, cdc and clamp in the right centre and the tinsels in the right

I always put my dubbing under the vice pedestal. In this way it will stay fix and nothing will be blow away. I keep the bag open and I take the qty needed. In this way the tying table will remain clean 🙂

Doing in this way I will always know where my materials are and I will not loose time searching them. I will keep my tying tempo as I like.

I Always put cdc cu feathers in a small transparent box close to me.I do not trow away cut CDC because I can use some parts for different flies. On the other side I know that the good feathers are on the table and the cut ones are in box. Same situation with partridge feathers which are expensive and difficult to find.

Fourth tip: Make on pattern at the time. Start with the biggest size possible.

I prefer to start tying the pattern in the biggest size and at least in 5 or 10 pcs. In this way I understand better the proportions and the qty of materials needed.

Then I go to a smaller hook.

These are my basic rules after tying flies for more than 25 years. I went from a 10-15min/fly to 2-4 min for the same fly. Rarely I tie a fly in 5-6min and I do not like to spend more than that.

The benefits are clear: no messy table, less time spent for tying and better consistency in pattern aspect:)

Until next time, enjoy tying, fishing and stay safe 🙂

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