Emerging White Back PT Variant Nymph – the story

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The story behind this nymph started long time ago, around 15 years when I met my  Slovak friend – Peter Durisik. Peter is a great fly fisherman, former competitor and Slovak junior team captain and trainer. More than that is my favourite  fly tyier . I love his tying skills and his consistency and how innovative and fantastic are his flies.

This model presented here is his creation.  For those who do not know,  Vah and tributary rivers from Slovakia  are difficult to fish. Very spooky trout and grayling and very picky. Fishing pressure is high and the local fishermen are very skilled. Based on these facts, the local tiers guys make exceptional flies that works everywhere. Peter is one of those guys and he proved me that this White Back Variant PT Nymph is a great success in several fishing meetings .

I fished with him side by side,  this fly used by Peter produced several good trout and grayling. I used something similar:

Even if I used something very close to his nymph, his fly and how was used made the difference.
He had at least double number of fish compared with me. I changed my nymphs and I start using one received from Peter. From that moment I started to catch fish after fish. So even the technique was not exactly like Peter’s technique I had a lot of fish caught at the end of the day. For me, in that moment, that fly was decisive as a pattern!
From that moment I have this fly all the time in my box with PT nymphs.
I know that a lot of experienced fishermen tell to everybody that a box with 10 flies will be enough to catch fish. …And I agree… but, because is a “but”: you will catch fish of course but not so many! Sometimes a small adjustment in the same pattern will make the difference.
For these reasons I prefer to have a lot of boxes filled with rows and rows of flies.
You will never know when the fish are very picky and you need something a little bit different 🙂

  • Filippo
    July 4, 2018

    what’s the material of the wing case in the first nimph?

    • Lucian Vasies
      July 4, 2018

      Ciao Filippo,
      E foam in bianco 🙂


      • Filippo Galleani
        July 4, 2018

        Grazie mille Lucian!
        Mi piacciono molto sia il blog che i tuoi dressing .. complimenti!


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