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Egg Laying Sedge with Hare Fur Hackle

by Lucian Vasies

Egg Laying Sedge represent a consistent source of food for trout. They float a lot on river, swim in water to lay down their eggs and are hatching in a huge number. When you see these insects flying all over then you should switch on sedge flies.

Egg lying sedge is more vulnerable to fish. I strongly advice to use these kind of imitation instead one of a classic adult.

Materials used:

  • Demmon D190 #12
  • Thread: Uni 70 DEN
  • Body made of spike dubbing in natural grey or rusty brown
  • Ribbing made of Uni flat tinsel in gold
  • Wing is made of CDC feathers 3-4 for fast flowing rivers and less for not so strong running ones
  • Hot Spot : UV hot colored resin
  • Hackle: Hare guard fur

What I like a lot at this fly is durability of hackle, non twisting on the leader during casting time and can be fished as a wet fly ( it imitates the swimming stage of the insect )

I often use dead drifting technique to induce the fish attack. It is a super fun to tie fly and efficient too

Here is the video about how I make this fly ( set the video in HD quality ):

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