Duracell Nymph

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This fly was generated by a fantastic UK fishermen and tier: Craig Mcdonald They fly works fantastic in fast rivers and stretch parts behind rocks where trout and grayling are located.
I tested this fly this Summer, frankly is very colored fly and not on my taste because I prefer to use more natural colored nymphs. I was really impressed and from the end of this Summer, this nymph has a special place in my fly box.

Materials used:
*Hook: Demmon ST 320 #12-16
*Thread: 70 DEN white
*Tail: Orange hot color thread tied in strands and cut to size
*Body: Troutline Dubbing Rainbow Rust
*Ribbing: Silver wire ( the original has a red wire instead)
*Hackle: one turn of CDC barbs
*Tungsten: slotted in copper color

I think that the CDC barbs tied as sparse as possible ( to not cover the body ) andthe body color combination make the fly so efficient!
Thanks Craig for your great fly! 🙂

  • Craig McDonald
    December 18, 2019

    Pleasure Lucian & you have many great flies also.
    Craig 👍👍🎣🎣

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