CDC Octopus nymphs

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If you want to diversify your autumn models, then you can consider the octopus nymphs. These hybrid type flies with an undefined allure that have a cdc collar with long barbels imitate both nymphs and emergers. This is an extraordinary advantage and in addition, the CDC is very mobile, it moves even if the fly is still. The smallest water currents will cause the cdc barbs to move attractively in the water.

I prefer to make these models when I fish in waters with a medium or slow current and where I have the opportunity to play the nymphs almost standing still. Usually the fish do not resist and attack immediately, especially if they are active.

here are two of the models that I use a lot: an olive and a black.

I like to make the flies as delicate as possible with a thinner body. Obviously, it is possible to be more consistent, maybe it is even better to make thicker bodies, especially if we want to catch trout.


  • Any fly hook you like jig or classic ones
  • Body made of thread in your favourite colors
  • Hot spots can be used or not, depending of your local fishing conditions
  • Ribbing in silver or uv synthetic fibers – both types work excellent
  • Thorax: dubbing – any type you prefer
  • CDC: one or two turns of CDC with long barbs but not very fluffy ones.

Tying tips: 2 turns of cdc over the dubbing thorax will keep the hackle in place, if you use only thread then it is possible for the hackle to slip over the body. Do not overdress – too many cdc turns will make the fly too bulky.

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