CDC Cream Loop Emerger

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Tying Recipe and materials:

Hook: Barbless #12-16 ( in this case is used Maruto Dohitomi D23 BL)
Thread: UTC 70 Denier Black
Body: cream biot
Tail: Coq de Leon – Pardo Corzuno Medio
Wing: CDC fixed in loop – natural grey color or natural black – (Troutline Ultra Select CDC is used here)
Thorax: Spikey Dubbing in natural color ( in this case is used Troutline Pure Squirrel Dubbing)

Fishing Tips:

perfect for fishing when Dun flies and emergers are on the water
efficien late in the day or when is cloudy outside
its is a Summer/Autumn fly
tied on size #16 is great for catching grayling all day
perfect for fishing in slow and very slow running rivers

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