Caddis nymph – big and juicy trout food

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All the time I like to have caddis flies in my boxes. Especially caddis nymphs because are big and juicy trout food very appreciated by fish
Bellow is an old fly used by many years tied more simply without bead. I like to tie it with a tungsten bead to go down in the trout feeding area.
When is with the body dried looks not so pretty but when gets wet looks attempting like the real deal. In the last 10 years I started to replace the raw wool with more fine yard or with catgut and latex. There is no bid difference between them so here is the nymph before getting wet and after:

Would you give it a chance to swim? 🙂 for me for sure 🙂

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  • johnny
    September 20, 2017

    good contrast between wet and dry

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