Brown Catgut Striker Nymph

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Brown Catgut Striker Nymph is a all around model that covers caddis larvae, swimming nymphs and buzzer larvae. I love tying this fly because is very easy to do and tying time is around 4min with ready prepared materials. What I like a lot at this fly is the translucency of material. Segmentation and how nice looks the final body is another reason for having this fly in my box. Of course, efficiency is the most important reason for making it 🙂

Tying Materials:

  • Hook: Demmon G602 in size #14-16
  • Thread: Yellow UTC 70DEN
  • Body: Brown Catgut in size S
  • Thorax: Spectra Dubb color 45 and 46 mixed
  • Hot Spot: Hot orange – Veevus
  • Bead – tungsten in gold in desired size

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