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Autumn Emergers for trout and grayling

by Lucian Vasies

Here are a few of my favorite Autumn emergers that I like to fish on ginger clear waters. These flies are tied with CDC and that helps me to provide the best presentation in front of the fish. Usually when we talk about grayling Autumn fishing we look for parts of the river where the fish is located and eats small insects in frenzy. Fishing with long and delicate tippets is a must and you need to stay close as much as possible to have the best presentation of your flies. Usually grayling is very picky with what eats from end of September and delicate ans sparse tied flies are most successful. I like to wad in the river close to the big stones and gravels parts. I’m trying to locate a few nice fish and to present the flies in front of them. Catching the fish you see is probably the most rewarding when we talk about fly fishing. So fishing on river San in Poland or on rivers from Slovenia like Sava or Soca is the best way to enjoy your last fishing days from current season.
Here are a few of my emergers that I love to use :

Materials used:

  • Hook Maruto D23 BL #18-20 most often used
  • Thread: 70 Den Hot Orange
  • Body: Troutline Herl in any color you like, I prefer  blue dun and golden olive
  • Ribbing: Elastic Thread in yellow
  • Wing: made of one CDC Feather -natural black, natural grey or khaki Campbell
  • Thorax: Pure Squirrel Dubbing in natural  color or yellow color

Other models:

Video about how I tie the herl spotted emerger it is down here:

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