A new TroutLine Pro Team member -Kyle Cheshire from UK

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We are happy to have a new member in our Pro Team Family: Kyle Cheshire, a warm welcome for him 🙂

Kyle is a passionate fisherman from UK, please read a few words about him:

“I first starting fly fishing at my local Stillwater at around 12 years old, being only walking distance from my home this soon turn into a daily obsession with me spending all my time and money on fly fishing and tying. Soon after I started chasing the wild Brown Trout that inhabit the small rivers twisting through my local valleys and the Stillwater fishing took a back seat, there was just something special about them weary, wild and buttery Browns that gave them the edge over the stocked Rainbows. 

After fathering my first child at 17 I eventually succumbed to the financial pressures of supporting a young family and sold all my fishing and tying equipment, something I deeply regret now! I recently started back fishing around 3 years ago and the obsession soon came back quickly. I fish between 5-7 days a week if possible and utilise a range of different techniques to catch Trout and Grayling but my favourite method is without a doubt dry fly.”

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  • Vince Lammin
    March 21, 2020

    Congratulations TroutLine and Kyle.

    I don’t think I’ve met a more obsessed fly fisherman. We were fortunate enough to host the Welsh team when they came here to Tasmania to fish the Worlds. It was a pleasure to have Kyle as a guest in our home and his enthusiasm for the sport is infectious.

    Kyle will be an outstanding representative for your business.

    Vince & Lynda

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