Would you like to win a Vosseler Vice?

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Everybody can win a Vosseler Vice (Silver Edition)! It is a Troutline offer for all tiers and is valid only for January 2019. To be qualified and to have that chance to enter in the withdraw you need to follow a few rules:
*be a Troutline client and to place in January at least one order with a minim value of 50eur
*when the order is placed, a comment with the following text “Vosseler Vice” should be added in comment area
*each guy who wants to enter in this competition should have an account (a visitor account is not valid for this offer)
The withdraw day is 1st February 2019 when the winner will be announced!

What I can personally say about this vice: I love it because is very nice made. The German handcraft quality of second to none. The vice is versatile: can be fixed on the wall, glass, window, even on the car window if you want to tie a fly on the river bank. Two heads can be fixed in the same time and will cover the hooks range from #4/0 down to #32!
The Vosseler vice is super stable, easy to transport and in the same time is perfect for day-by-day tying. Frankly one of our Pro tier – Mihai, is tying at least 50 flies/day for Troutline Shop!
It is a piece of art and is a great great tying tool!

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