White Marabou Baby Fish

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This type of baby fish is super easy to tie, even a beginner can make it fast and without headache. The white marabou baby fish can be used for lake fishing and river fishing in the same time. You need a little bit of synthetic dubbing to make the body. Sometimes I only simply wrap the marabou around lead wire to form the body but I like it more when is made with sparkle dubbing. With marabou you can make the collar hackle and then you can fix the head over the hook eye using a little bit of 5 min epoxy or uv resin.

To make the fly durable and to resist to fish pressure I use super glue to fix the lead wire on the hook shank. The same superglue I use to attach the eyes on the fish mask. These eye have some kind of glue on them but is not great. I prefer to use superglue to be sure that the eyes stays in their place.

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