Video-Tying a green and partridge jig nymph

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Bright green nymphs are great attractor patterns. This model can be particularly effective in murky water where a flash of color can grab a fish’s attention.

When algae blooms occur, the water can take on a greenish tinge. Green nymphs can blend in slightly while still offering some contrast, potentially attracting fish feeding on the algae. Anyway, is a fact that green works almost all the time and this pattern where I substituted the green dubbing with green diamond body thread in combination with partridge hackle is super effective.

Here us the recipe:

  • Hook: Jig size12 Body thread:
  • Body thread in green ( I use perdigon body thread )
  • Tying thread: Sumo Power thread 30DEN in pale light olive
  • Body: Diamond body thread in green sparkle color
  • Hackle: grey partridge
  • Thorax: olive Mad Rabbit Dubbing
  • Tungsten in 3.8mm black nickel

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