Video- Tying a Red Zebra Devil Nymph

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Red Zebra Devil Nymph is a new model developed to sink fast without loosing “life like” appearance.
The particularities of this model are:

  • ¬†fast sinking rate
  • stimulator action
  • CDC barbs¬† gives a nice hallow without changing the sinking speed
  • durable ( coated with UV resin)
  • works for trout and grayling in the same time

Material used:
*Demmon Jig Hook ST 300 BL – #14-16
*Thread – black
*Tail-Coq de Leon Pardo
*Ribbing-red flat tinsel
*Coating-UV troutline classic resin
*Wing-natural grey/black CDC barbs
*Thorax-Troutline UV Tactical Rainbow Black

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