Top 5 Nymphs that we use when Fishing Season starts

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Bellow are out Top 5 Nymphs that we use when fishing season starts. During years of fishing I selected only a few nymphs that I use together with my friends and team members.These flies gave me fish all the time. No matter if I went for fishing in Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Austria or Italy, theese 5 flies had great success.
The GRHE -old and reliable:
-great as a searching pattern because is simple and imitates stone flies, mayflies and all kind of nymphs
-perfect for fishing in clear water or medium clear water.
-perfect for rivers with normal level

The Peeping caddis:
-will work without problem in all rivers where sedge flies are living
-perfect for fishing in clear water or medium clear water.
-perfect for rivers with normal level or high level due to melting snow or rainy days
-is a great top nymph that can be played in deep pools, strong currents or behind big rocks

The Squirmy Wormy nymph
-is not popular between purists but damn works fantastic well!
-is a point type of nympp
-perfect for fishing in strong currents, deep pools or behind big rocks
-great for clear but deep waters, works fantastic in muddy rivers after strong rains

The PT Variant
-tied on curved hook without tail and with hot spot will work all the time.
-like GRHE is a great searching pattern and can be used in any kind of waters

The GRHE Bug
-this model is made based on classic GRHE. A hot spot was added. Ribbing is made with other materials instead classic gold or silver tinsel. Hackle, not very common these days, made of CDC will make the fly more interesting and full of like compared with a classic one. practically is an interesting hybrid between a nymph and a wet fly.
-work all the time, especially when trout is preferring to eat GRHE and bugs

  • Davie
    February 5, 2022

    I shall be tying these soon,Intending to give them a”swim “ here in south west Scotland for the brownies on opening day! Thanks for the patterns. D.

    • Lucian Vasies
      February 8, 2022

      Thanks Davie, hope they will work 🙂

    • David Riley
      February 17, 2023

      They all look perfect. You do tie and produce some excellent patterns

      • Lucian Vasies
        February 21, 2023

        Hi David,
        Thank you, very kind of you 🙂

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