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Tips for tying beautiful and efficient Pheasant Tails

by Lucian Vasies

Pheasant Tail Nymphs are extremely simple to tie,even a beginner can tie then fast and easy without headaches. You need to take in consideration a few points for perfect tying:

  •  try to make the body as slim as possible
  • for body profile use under-thread
  • try to make carrot like shape  for best body profile
  • for body just use only 2-3 pheasant barbs,  too many will  give a bulky look
  • wrap with attention and do not twist the pheasant barbs ( if you twist them , the diameter of the  body will be increased )
  • use wire for ribbing – the tinsel wire is durable and for this reason is the best option (oval and flat will are not durable at fish teeth )
  • the tinsel wire should be applied in the opposite sense of pheasant  barbs and will secure the body even if the teeth fish will broke it
  • for thorax just use a pinch of dubbing right after the bead
  • wrap the dubbing rope from the body  in the bead direction, do not cross them  because will increase the thorax diameter and the fly will not sink  so fast
  • fix the dubbing in dubbing loop – will resist more and will look more  spiky.

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