Swimming Green Caddis Nymph

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Tying recipe:

  • Hook Demmon G602 #8-12
  • Tying Thread: Yellow, Green or Chartreuse – Glo brite from veniard is great
  • Underbody: lead wire 0.4mm
  • Body: Catgut  in caddis green
  • Head: Black thread coated with UV resin or head cemment

This model is simple and is tied in minimalist way . It is an effective nymph for trout, grayling and barbel too. Can be tied more complicated with legs and so on but this model is perfect for any beginner in tying and is efficiency is the same with other more complicated patterns.

Why this fly is efficient?

  • because its sink fast
  • because is translucent and exactly like the body of the real insect
  • has an anatomic shape

It should be used in rivers where swimming caddis are abundant. The strong running parts of the rivers are the best places where should be used in a tandem with a pupae or other caddis  pattern.


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