Stonfo hackle Plier

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Hi guys,

We tested 2 models from Stonfo called Stonfo hackle Plier:
Stonfo hackle Plier

The grey on is for larger feathers and can be used also for making bodies with dubbing ropes:
Stonfo hackle Plier

The black one is smaller and is perfect for delicate feathers:
Stonfo hackle Plier

The design is interesting and I consider this Stonfo approach very good. They made a very good tool: ergonomic, simple, durable and addictive.
The Stonfo hackle plier has a ring for fixing in the hand or on a finger. A spring will keep the active part to remain in tension and to be protected in the same time:
Stonfo hackle Plier
Stonfo hackle Plier

Compared with other hackle plier, you can keep it in your hand in entire tying time without being unhandy. When you need to use it just push it the margins, grab a hackle, then release the spring. The hackle will be very well fixed:
Stonfo hackle Plier
Stonfo hackle Plier

We like it because:

  • is small
  • is handy
  • is durable
  • is ergonomic
  • is not expensive
  • is sexy and cool

In my opinion is a “must tool” for any beginner or advanced tierĀ and I highly recommend it!

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